#19. Gigi (1958)


As January winds down, taking football-filled Sundays with it, everyone is making Super Bowl watch party plans.  However, the Super Bowl for the true movie buffs is undoubtedly The Academy Awards. Oscars night has been my favorite night of the year for as long as I began to understand the importance film would have on my life. Sure the glitz and glamour of the red carpet are mesmerizing, but the main reason for my excitement and anticipation are the stories that are being celebrated. It is the placed that a good film’s story takes us that can soothe our souls. The power behind a well-told story can motivate, inspire and provide a delightful escape from everyday life.  A film doesn’t have to be big-budget, star-packed, extravagant or highbrow.  It all boils down to the main ingredient:  the story –  and that is what gives me sheer joy.

Although I am still working my way through this year’s nominees, this is also a great opportunity to indulge in enjoying past Oscar contenders. The first movie of my Oscars tribute is the 1958 film, Gigi. Gigi won an impressive nine Academy Awards in 1959, surpassing the previous record of eight (set by Gone With the Wind, and tied with From Here to Eternity and On the Waterfront).

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